Finished sites:

A Woman Mystery Writer:

A Fear of Swimming Training company:

Another Swimming Training company:

A Dog Scooter company:

A Dog Scooter club in the Pacific Northwest:

A Lavender store:

An Estate Sales and Services business:

A Kayak and Canoe club:

A Florida homeowners' association:

A Custom Kayak Paddle Building company:

A Computer Repair Business:

A California/Seattle Computer Training company:

A Media Conversion and Networking Products company:

A kayak accessories company:

A Dog Grooming and Kennel business:

An Animal Disaster Preparedness program:

A small Hair Salon business:

A Redesign and Interior Decorating company:

A Coffee House:

Even my puppy has a website:

Works in progress:

Rock hounds will LOVE this site:
Naturals From the Earth (NFTE)

A small town Realtor:
Kim Kincannon, Realtor Associate

A small crafts business specializing in knitted, crocheted, and other unique handcrafed items:

Another coffee house: