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"We build inexpensive websites for small businesses and individuals!"

We are primarily interested in small site building. I'm a computer person (training, curriculum development, programming, tinkering, some marketing, etc), not an artist or graphic designer. I worked for Adobe Systems for 4.5 years, so I know Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe PageMill/SiteMill pretty well; I worked for NeXT Computer, Lighthouse Design LTD (NeXT Software Developer) and Sun Microsystems (The WORLD CLASS developer of UNIX-based systems and software for businesses that need to do REAL work) for a number of years, so I can hack in UNIX fairly well, too. I also worked for myself doing PC, NeXT and Mac software training for many years, so I can teach adults to be productive with their computers. I write documentation and training materials to assist them in better utilizing their computers.

We don't charge a lot for our work, our idea is to keep it simple and affordable for the small businesses and sole proprietors wanting to gain and maintain a presence on the web. Our sites are simple and clean. We often use templates provided by other vendors, to ensure a professional look and smooth transition from page to page within a site, but we also do original work.

We work well via email and/or cell phone, we don't need to be in your town or even in your state! Initially, we'll talk over your ideas for what you think you want your site to look like, what options you might want to begin with and to grow into and the timeframe for completion of your site.

Initially, we work with you "online", creating a look that you like and then populating it with your photos and images. You email feedback and anything you want added/deleted/changed and you can "check in" online on the progress whenever you want to.

We use DreamWeaver as our development tool (it's quick and easy to set up a site and maintain it) as most providers include support for it. We can also use MS FrontPage or Adobe GoLive, or most other web tools.

AND, the good news is that we have the time and can set it all up for you and you can be "up and running" in no time at all, allowing you to work on what you do best, not on the nitty-gritty web development or web maintenance work!

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